Angler Eric Clay | Practice time

Ever find yourself on the water fishing a tactic that you just have no confidence in. Your partner is catching them, but you have just turned into the “net-man”. Try fishing that same technique on a smaller body of water or on your favorite lake or river.

When I first started fishing soft plastics, I couldn’t tell a limb from a fish, or weeds from rocks. But with time and repetition you get better. Don’t let your buddy knock your confidence by telling you “anyone can catch fish in a farm pond.” A basketball goal is ten feet whether your in your back yard or the FedEx Forum,  you still have to have good form and repetition to get better. It’s not always about catching fish, sometimes it truly is about getting better. On a spinner-bait bite and want to get better with a jig. Pick up the jig! You know your around fish at the time, and you may not catch as many that day, but it’s about being a complete fisherman, and sometimes that means, practice.

Eric Clay, ICF Pro Staff