Pro Angler Tip #4 Q&A with Cody Kelley has the honor of asking different questions to professional anglers in relation to tips and / or advise for fishing different types of fish, in different locations and conditions.

Today’s question is with Professional Angler Cody Kelley ( a FLW Tournament Champion. 

Question:  When approaching a fishing area by boat to begin fishing, what are the best ways to approach in order to not disturb the target fish?

Answer: It really depends on water depth for me. If the area I plan to fish is deeper than 20 feet I don’t worry about it much and will come off plane about 50 yards from the area and simply idle up. For shallower fish, say 10ft or so I like to shut my motor off about 50 yards from the area. For very shallow fish I will take it to the extreme alot of times. I like my trolling motor on the lowest setting I can use and still effectively fish. I will also turn off all sonar. It is also important to be consistent with the trolling motor. What I mean by this is that you don’t want to constantly be on and off. Try to move through the area in a nice smooth way.

A big thank you to this professional angler for participating in today’s Q&A.

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