Welcome Pro Staff Member Eric Clay to iClickFishing.com

iClickFishing.com welcomes Eric Clay as a Pro Staff member to our team.  We look forward to his #fishing stories and other articles.  Welcome aboard Eric!  If you are interesting in becoming a Pro Staff member (Pro = Promotional), please contact us using our contact form.

Here is a little about Eric:  Dubbed an Air Force brat, we moved around throughout my childhood but I was always an Arkansan. Almost every summer we would return home to Arkansas and the passion for fishing would be rekindled. Wither it was catching chain pickerel (jackfish) from the local creeks or chasing bass on Harris Brake Lake, fishing has always been a passion. I was ruined (some would say), when I caught that first bass while bream fishing with my family on an old slough off the Arkansas River. It probably only weighed two pounds but compared to the bream that were being caught, well it was obvious to me there was only one fish worthy of pursuing and the dream began. My dad retired when I was in high school and we were home to stay. At age 15, my dad took me to Bass Line Pro Shop where I met Porter Evertt. Porter introduced himself and a friendship was formed. Porter had started a tournament trail about eight years earlier that had, and would continue to spawn pros for years to come. I had convinced myself to fish as a no boater on the BASS Okeechobee Event that following year, but Porter told me my money was better spent fishing MBOA and learning from the likes of Doug Garrett, George Cochran, Ron Shuffield Rob Kilby, and to many more to list. So, at age sixteen, my dad could signed the waiver to allow me to MBOA. He was right, what an experience. I had to be closer, for the next three years I worked for Porter at the store and every trade show I could talk my way into, and fished MBOA and many other local events and trails. Started college and time and money were scarce.

Fast forward 25 years and my two children are grown and time is being freed up. My family has always been supportive so why not give it another run. So the dream of “Fishing after Fifty” has begun. This year my focus is on the Arkansas Bass Team Trail. Re-honing my skills that have been somewhat neglected and developing new ones.

Romans 1:16
Genesis 1:23