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Fishing Tip / Report from The King Fisher Fly Shop

L-6The ‘root is in full swing just like everything else in the Missoula area right now. Dropping water levels, prolific hatches and some alternating clouds and sun. Good stuff! Baetis, green drakes, goldens, and caddis have been the go to bugs on top, although leggy attractor dries (PMXs,chew toys, water walkers, etc.) with deep droppers have also been working well. On warm evenings, the caddis hatch/fishing has been solid. Things are tapering off sooner on the rainy/cooler days, but the midday topwater action has picked up big time. If you have some cloud cover, olive buggers, sculpzillas, and mini T&A leeches have been providing some fast and furious streamer action on the lower 1/3 of the river.

HATCHES/Flies: Green Drakes, Caddis, Goldenstones, Baetis

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Missoula’s best fly selection . . . by far.

Fishing Tip / Report from The King Fisher Fly Shop