Lilley’s Landing: October 1st – #FishingReport

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Fishing Report by Lilley's Landing

Friday morning I used a #12 either gray or tan, unweighted scud and caught a lot of rainbows ranging from 13- to 18-inches.  I started early.  The west or shallow bank was in the shad till about 9 a.m. when the sun came up over the bluff.  But as the sun hit the bank where I was catching fish, they didn’t stop biting.  I could actually see fish better and get good casts to them.

I worked my way down the bank and eventually ended my morning at the Narrows where I continued to catch rainbows in shallow water there, though, I found these fish to be more educated then the others.  The bite was less often and very short.

I did catch a few nice rainbows on the peach megaworm under a float, fishing it five-feet deep under an indicator in the channel.  I did try white and didn’t get bit.  I was using 6x fluorocarbon tippet.

One thing that’s really going to help our fishing here is fall weather.  Today is a perfect example.  It’s cloudy with a chance of rain this afternoon, and with that brings a little breeze.  One reason fishing has been so tough is the blue bird sky of summer with no clouds and no wind.  Wind and clouds will make a huge difference to the bite, no matter how you’re fishing.  Fish bite better when there’s a chop on the surface.

With the wind comes better fishing conditions for other things used under a float.  Marabou jigs, the megaworm, micro jigs, a Zebra Midge, the Pink Worm!  Chase the chop!!

Good jig colors have been black, olive, sculpin and ginger.  I think the peach or pink megaworm has been better than the white lately and I’ve been using a #14 Zebra Midge with a brown body and a white bead head. . .  yes, white!  Jeremy Hunt turned me onto them and they’ve been really out-catching the other midges.