iClickFishing.com | Kaylea’s 1st Bass Fishing Trip and Success #BassFishing #KidsFishing

Kayleas First Bass - iClickFishing.comAlthough I’m the owner of iClickFishing.com, I’m not able to go fishing or take my daughter fishing very often due to my disability and the timing.  Generally when we do fish, it’s from the bank for catfish, brim, etc.  When we fished, I noticed it was hard for Kaylea to keep still and stay in one place.  She simply didn’t like waiting for fish to come to her.  She wanted to go to them, which seemed like a bass angler to me.  So I took her for her 1st bass fishing specific trip to Lake Conway in Arkansas.

She was very excited about the idea of cast and reel… cast and reel… move… cast and reel.  She followed instructions to the letter with a huge smile on her face and within just 5 casts… BAM!  She caught her very first bass on a minnow lure.  She set the hook and cranked that fish in like a pro.  On top of this, she never lost that one lure all day.  

There have been a lot of satisfying moments in my life but this one moment was right up there at the top.  I think I was prouder of her and more excited than she was.  My little girl has the makings of a bass angler.  I’m one happy dad!

Passing down information to new generations can be very fulfilling and is a perfect bonding opportunity with our children.  — Michael ‘Doc’ Davis