iClickFishing.com | 02/11/2017 – Fishing ‘Practice’ / Report Lake Conway, Arkansas

iClickFishing.com - Conway Lake, ArkansasHiking and bank bass fishing at Lake Conway, Arkansas… Well, it was windy and one of the first actual warm days (78 F) for fishing.  The water was somewhat clear for this lake depending on which area you fish (4 to 6 feet visibility).  The frogs were awake and turtles hanging out on a log but no fish signs anywhere.  However, there were remains of filleted crappie bodies on the bank and edge of the water by a boat launch.  By the way, this is not the way to be a good or considerate angler.  Please don’t just throw cleaned fish on the bank or back into the water of a lake thinking, ‘something will eat it’.  

Anyway, after trying a top water minnow, spinners and worms… nothing seemed to stir the interest of anything.  Nothing was caught but it was still a great ‘practice’ day with intermittent sunshine.  

I’m a bit ADD, so with nothing biting, I decided to harass a turtle on a log with precision casting ‘practice’.  After several times splashing him and skipping a lure off his shell (no intent of hooking), I have to say, the turtle was a good sport about the whole thing.  All in all we were both entertained.  We finally both got tired of each other and the turtle slipped into the water and back to the house I went.

No fish but still a good day…