Viking Fleet Fishing | Travis returns and this time with some luck! #montauk #fishingcharter #fishingguide #fishingReport

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Travis from northern California came fishing his two sons, father and a friend. Travis has fish with us before but was unable to catch any fish. He had a great time with us last time so he was eager to be with us again. First thing in the morning we missed a nice fish and continue heading south. As we reached our area we hooked into a  very nice 30 pound Ono.  Travis was first and was able to land his fish after a big fight. After the fish landed on the deck everybody was extremely happy.

We then headed offshore in hopes to find better life but spent most of our morning with a little luck. We did manage to get two strikes from to Spearfish but missed them both.  Not long after losing those fish we got a hot tip from a dive boat that found floating debris with mahi-mahi on it. We reached the floating debris.  There we managed to catch a 30 pound bull mahi-mahi. It was a massive fight on the light tackle but we  managed to get the monster. There were a few small yellow fin tuna so we were able to catch the two sons a couple of small tuna as well.  That really made the trip for everyone everybody!  Having lots of fish to eat, we headed home. Grateful that we were able to get a good action with Travis aboard.