Viking Fleet Fishing | Tina and Billy from Miami have a blast! #montauk #fishingcharter #fishingguide #fishingReport

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Billy and his wife Tina are from Miami and spend much of their time at home fishing on their beautiful boat! They have experience in offshore big game fishing and were looking to come out and have fun on the water! We headed far south to find new fishing grounds. It took a little while to get to our area but when we did it was loaded with life! We had a marlin whack a lure and not get hooked so we immediately threw out a pitch bait on very light tackle. Marlin popped up and swallowed our bait! Tina did an incredible job angling her fish on a Penn 16 loaded with 80 lb braid and 90 lb leader!!

After a  20 min struggle, we grabbed leader and released Tina’s fish! It put on many insane jumps and caught so hard on that type of tackle but Tina did great! We had a couple more bites from blue marlin later in the day, but couldn’t get hooked. Bill and Tina will be joining us this weekend in a big tournament. Can’t wait to get out there again with bill and Tina!