The King Fisher Fly Shop | Rock Creek Fishing Report – 10/5 #FlyFishing #FishingGuide #FishingReport #Montana #Fishing #FlyTying

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Fishing Tip / Report from The King Fisher Fly Shop

The water is clear and fishing well in the afternoon. The upper river will again likely be your best bet, especially for dry flies. If you’re going the nymph route, better plan on mixing it up until you find what’s working on any given day, it’s been inconsistent to say the least. Standard stuff in smaller sizes seems to be working well, but, as always, you’ll be dealing with LOTS of unwanted visits from Mr. whitefish. Mahogany cripples in a 14 have been about as good as anything on top, but standard para Adams and purple hazes are working too. On actively rising fish, a good drag-free cast with nearly any #14 mayfly will usually get the look.

HATCHES: hoppers, BWOs, PMDS, Caddis, October Caddis, Mahoganies, Hecubas


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Fishing Tip / Report from The King Fisher Fly Shop