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Fishing Tip / Report from The King Fisher Fly Shop

The Blackfoot is very off color from a mudslide up on Monture Creek. If you stay above Monture, or Scotty Brown bridge, you will be fine. It sounds like the mud has flushed all the way to Rainbow bend, but hasn’t reached Weigh Station yet.

We have started to get some good hopper action and a few spruce moths have been spotted, but no real numbers yet. Definitely have some spruce moths with you. In the mean time, hopper-dropper rigs have been the way to go. Fishing with a long dropper (24″ or so) has worked well, while waiting for the dry fly bite. For nymphs use Pat’s rubber legs, princes, CDC pheasant tails, Macgruber PMD nymphs, blowtorch jigs, and rubberleg jigs. For streamers use Aztecs, sculpzillas, JJ specials, standard buggers, sparkle minnows and mojo minnows.

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Fishing Tip / Report from The King Fisher Fly Shop