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Fishing Tip / Report from The King Fisher Fly Shop

The Bitteroot is really starting to jump up in flows from all the rain. The bump in flows will start pushing fish into the banks and slower paced water. Don’t be afraid to work the walking pace water and fish it thoroughly. Fish will start to get pretty concentrated as the water goes up. Focus on working side channels too. Remember to have long drifts with more mending rather that picking up and recasting.

Pretty frigid out their today, but its actually suppose to be fairly warm this weekend. Fish are still looking for the skwala throughout the day. The spring may flies have been a sporadic as the weather! Small window and in the afternoon and on the right day you will find fish on em. March browns should be coming along any day now. We have seen a few here and there.  March brown nymphs, San Juans, and skwala nymphs have been the ticket for subsurface. Double dutch bugs, flush floater skwalas, royal chubbies, Amy’s ants in olive, and el caminos are all good choices for skwalas. Streamers have been working well in the down time between hatches with Aztec streamers , sparkle minnows, bighorn buggers, sculpzillas, and sex dungeons. The streamers have been fishing best with short strips off the banks.

HATCHES/Flies: Midges, skwalas, march browns, baetis, grey drakes A Review of the Winston Fly Rod

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Fishing Tip / Report from The King Fisher Fly Shop