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Fishing Report from The Angler's Mark.  

What a beautiful morning to start the week here at Amelia Island, Florida! I met John Cipriani and Dean Miller out at the Goffinsville Park with the tide still going out but due to hit bottom within the hour so we made a bee-line for  Broward Island and set up off of the tree tops with plans to fish with jigs and live shrimp. The Redfish were busting bait all along the bank and it wasn’t long before they were busting John and Dean’s baits too!  We began to catch one Redfish after the other and then picked up a good handful of Seatrout, too.  Dean added a Flounder to round out his  “Slam” early then John had a
strong bite and the battle was on!  He played the big fish patiently, kept the pressure on, and soon landed a 26″ “Tournament” Slot Redfish, boy what a fish!We fished that spot thoroughly, then moved down the island and picked up a couple of fish before we made the run back to Seymore’s Pointe and picked a dock to fish. One side didn’t produce but he other one did! Both John and Dean both put some Black “puppy” Drum in the boat to garner their “Grande Slam” for the day and they also had a feisty Redfish to go along with the catch.

Our next stop was down at Spanish Drop and here John picked up a couple of Reds and then a Trout. Our final stop was back at Pumpkin Hill and just when I thought we’d get “skunked” on this one, Dean had something roll on his bait, take it with a vengeance and then it was off to deep water. Dean kept the pressure on and let the light tackle rod do the work as the fish took him to the bow then it fought from one side of the boat to the other. But Dean was up to the task and eventually landed a nice 4′ Bonnethead Shark, boy what a battle. And with that, we called it a day, another great one to be fishing here at Amelia Island, Florida