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Fishing Report from The Angler's Mark.  

I fished with Mike and Louise (Lou) Maguth this morning, meeting them up at the Dee Dee Bartels Park boat ramp early. We had a heavy breeze blowing out of the south west so we headed over to Lanceford Creek with plans to fish a large outflow on the first of an outgoing tide. The two anglers began with float rigs and live shrimp. Even though the first cast produced a high flying Ladyfish, we didn’t have any other real bites so we worked up the bank for a bit. There was a lot of bait action and I thought for sure we’d pick up a fish, but no – no fish. We dropped back and fished the first runout where
we had started – the tide had dropped just a bit – and this paid off. Lou hooked up and landed a nice 19″ Seatrout, then she put another keeper sized Trout in the boat.We moved around and fished some dock pilings and just when I thought it was to no avail – BOOM! Fish on!  Lou (the classiest dressed angler I’ve ever had on my boat) hooked up, battled and landed a big 24″ Black Puppy Drum. Then she put another one in the boat. I was beginning to think Mike had just come along for the ride but I guess he decided to get busy – he caught a nice 22″ Slot Redfish, then a keeper sized Black Drum, then another, bigger Slot Redfish. Before it was over they had landed 3 keeper sized Seatrout, 3 Slot sized Redfish, and 3 keeper sized Black Drum – and tossed back some smaller fish.

Things finally slowed so we made the long run around to the Jolley River and fished the “bank” Mike put one feisty Red in the boat then both anglers did battle with some 3′ long Bonnethead Shark.

The Anglers Mark is going in the shop tomorrow for it’s 100 hour service so it was a great way to wrap up a week of fishing here at Amelia Island, Florida.