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Fishing Report from The Angler's Mark.  

Talk about cold and windy! We had moved our early morning trip yesterday to the afternoon and as we stood at the boat ramp watching the west wind blow white caps across the river we questioned, “did we really want to go fishing?” I had met Austin Jackson, is father Stan, and their friend Doug Mackle up at the Dee Dee Bartels Park and on land it was a beautiful day! But we decided to fish and we found out that as long as we stayed on the lee side of a land mass, the fishing was enjoyable.Our fist stop was over on the outside of Tiger Island, fishing live shrimp and mud minnows.  We had gotten a few nibbles when finally Doug, after making an excellent cast where we saw some mullet get “popped” and in short order his float disappeared and, Fish On!  Doug played the fish patiently and soon landed a nice Redfish. Stan was drifting his float with the current behind the boat and he then hooked up and reeled in a keeper sized Seatrout.

We then ran around to Lanceford Creek and fished a grass patch to no avail, then bounced over to Soap Creek and here the fish catching picked up a tad, coinciding with the outgoing tide.  Stan found a couple of more Trout off the stern and Austin got on the board with a Trout catch of his own.

Our final stop was back at some docks on Lanceford and here the things got hot. I think it was the first “demo” cast that got a bite, then all three anglers were catching fish. Most were Red Drum with a couple of smaller Black “puppy” Drum thrown in. We added two Slot Reds to the box then called it a day, another great one to be fishing here at Amelia Island, Florida.