Pro Angler Tip #1 Q&A with Cody Kelley has the honor of asking different questions to professional anglers in relation to tips and / or advise for fishing different types of fish, in different locations and conditions.

Today’s question is with Professional Angler Cody Kelley ( a FLW Tournament Champion. 

Question: When fishing for bass on a cold and overcast day, what kind of cover or water feature would you first focus on?

Answer: That’s a big topic honestly but in a nutshell you want to look for structure that will hold heat and is close to deep water. I.e. Rocks and wood most the time. If none available then grass. A good thought to remember is a fish likes to be able to go from ‘shallow to deep in 20 feet’ this time of year.

A big thank you to this professional angler for participating in today’s Q&A.

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