Pro Angler Tip #2 Q&A with Melvin Smitson has the honor of asking different questions to professional anglers in relation to tips and / or advise for fishing different types of fish, in different locations and conditions.

Today’s question is with Professional Angler Melvin Smitson ( a FLW Tournament Champion. 

Question: When fishing, how do you determine your bait selection when fishing an unfamiliar area?

Answer: I suppose you could poke around a few local bait shops to get the feel for what’s happening at that particular lake. Maybe even stop and ask a few anglers at the ramp what the fish are hitting on but I like to research the lake before arriving.  A few things I key in on for color choice, are the type of bait fish that are in the lake and what type of fish are native to the lake. Clear water or muddy water will also help me determine bait color once I arrive at the lake.  After that I usually let the depth and structure I’m fishing to determine the typed of baits I would use in new water.

A big thank you to this professional angler for participating in today’s Q&A.

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