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Fishing Tip / Report from Looknfishy (Drew Ross).  


Every year in May just before school gets out for the summer, my wife gets out her calendar and starts looking at possible week-long travel destinations.  It took a few summers before I learned if I didn’t find something first, I’d end up walking around in the Houston Zoo in June or sitting on a bench at the Butterfly Museum in Branson, MO in August. 


This year, I pitched Southeast Louisiana before the drama could unfold.  The delivery was key and I made sure to highlight the things they would enjoy on our vacation before mentioning what I wanted to do. 


My wife and kids love the beach, Café-Du-Monde, riding the trolley, the Aquarium in New Orleans and air condition.  I like redfish.  So, we rented a house on the beach in Grand Isle, LA for a few days then spent two days in New Orleans.  It was arguably, one the best ideas I’ve ever had!   


Each morning, I would get up and carry what they needed to the beach.  Then I would take my kayak to the marsh and fish until around lunch.  We all agreed, Southeast Louisiana is a great place to vacation because it has something for everyone.  

Fishing Tip / Report from Looknfishy (Drew Ross).