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Fishing Tip / Report from Looknfishy (Drew Ross).  

I was recently asked to write a post for Orvis giving some tips about catching grass carp on the fly (link below).  I faced this scenario one weekend while trying to get some images to accompany the story.

You’ve paddled across a bay to a nearby flat that you suspect has grass carp feeding on it.  On the way you noticed more boat traffic than usual on the water.  You also managed to spook a couple carp that you did not see. 

As you stand to scan the flat before moving further, you notice a grasser tailing at the back of the flat. This is exciting because tailing carp give you a fighting chance.  As you begin to push pole across the flat being cautious not to make a sound, you see one swimming towards you.  Do you cast at it or try to avoid it?  From experience, I know if I spook that carp it’s more than likely going to put that tailer down also.  Here’s what I did.

I backed off and avoided the potential land mine.  I knew my best opportunity for getting an eat was getting a fly near the tailing carp.  The moving carp was also an opportunity but the odds were not in my favor.  It was moving towards me and I wasn’t sure if it was one of the carp I spooked earlier.  If you present to every grass carp you see you’ll likely have a tough outing.  Being selective sometimes increases your odds of success.  This was one of many tips I provided to Orvis found here:

And a short video from the pursuit: 


Fishing Tip / Report from Looknfishy (Drew Ross).