Lilley’s Landing | One Cast, May 9 #TableRockLake #FishingReport #Fishing

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Fishing Report by Lilley's Landing

Same flow today.  More fishing guides out today and most are reporting fishing is good.  But those without guides are having trouble catching trout.  The main reason is not getting the bait to the bottom and keeping it there.  With this much current plus depth, you must put on enough weight to keep whatever you’re using on the bottom.  That’s where the slower water is, that’s where the fish are.

Below the dam, drifting with white shad flies or white jigs was good in the morning but slower in the afternoon.  We’ve been suggesting to our guests to go up to the dam if they want to catch and release, catch bigger fish.  But go down to the Branson Landing if they wants to catch and keep trout.  There you can use live bait and there’s no size restriction on rainbows.