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Fishing Report by Lilley's Landing


Generation on Lake Taneycomo has followed the variance of temperature.  When it’s cold, dam operators have been running water pretty hard, but as soon as it gets warmer, they throttle it down.  It’s running harder early in the mornings and back on after dark, but instead of no flow  during the day, it’s been running at a strange 10 megawatts, 703 feet or less than 1,000 c.f.s.  It’s strange because this level is rare — and they ran it all last weekend!  Today, though, the water is all the way off.

Last Friday, the hatchery stocked rainbows, lots of rainbows.  And they stocked them off the access ramp down below the Landing close to where they keep their stocking boat.  Some of our tournament guys saw them dump the trout in . . . and word go out.  I guess it was pretty crowded Saturday morning during the Masters Tournament.  And quite a few of the rainbows caught were pretty decent, not the little ones we’ve been seeing most of the winter.

Those newly stocked rainbows like to chase.  So throwing something shiny you can retrieve  was the key.  Spoons, rooster tails, jigs, jigs and float all worked well.  Anglers caught trout from that area up through the Landing.  Since then, it’s been reported a lot of those fish have moved up and are being caught around Monkey Island.

One of our guides fished up in Turkey and Roark creeks last week and said the creeks were full of trout.  He caught his fish on the Berkley pink worm on a small jig head, under a float.

Anglers this week are fishing with Powerbait and doing pretty well.  They said they’re catching a lot of little ones.


I’ve fly fished and thrown a jig-and-float on outings this week.  I’ve seen the same thing . . . lots of 10- to 12-inchers from Lookout Island all the way down and below Short Creek.

I tried a Zebra Midge – #16 olive green and a red, under a float from 12 to 36 inches and the trout hammered it, especially if there was a little chop on the water’s surface.  They also creamed a #14 grey scud fished deep enough to be on the bottom.  Some would hit it as soon as it hit the water.  And I stripped a black hybernator (streamer) just above the River Pointe Estates boat ramp — they hit it so hard I thought they were going to snap it off.

I also fished a brown 1/50th-ounce jig with an orange head under a float.  As long as there was a good chop on the water, they took the float under.