Lilley’s Landing | January 13 fishing report #TableRockLake #FishingReport #Fishing

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Fishing Report by Lilley's Landing

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Generation patterns haven’t changed much in the past few weeks.  They’re running water from 2 to 4 hours in the morning when the temperatures are at or below the freezing mark, and then again in the evening.  But on weekends, all bets are off on that pattern.  They usually don’t run any water on weekends unless we have a big cold snap.

When the water is running, fishing seems to be the best.  Anglers are drifting bait mostly and doing well on Powerbait (Gulp eggs and paste) as well as night crawlers.  Some people are using minnows and doing ok too.  Best fishing has been up close to Fall Creek and then down at and below the Branson Landing.

With the water off, catching slows down a bit for most people, even if the conditions are good for fish feeding.  We’ve had a lot of cloudy, breezy days which is usually good for catching trout but they’re being a little hard to get.  But afternoons have been better than mornings lately, best time being after 2 p.m. most days.

Jig and float using a dark colored jig has been good, especially if there’s a chop on the water.  Sculpin/peach or ginger with an orange head, 2-pound line under a float 4-5 feet deep has been pretty good.  The pink Berkley’s power worm is still doing ok for our guides.

Throwing a jig, dark colors are still best but they are starting to pay more attention to white, which is usually our go-to color in the winter months.  I’m sure we have had any shad come through the dam yet – just not enough water running to pull them through.

Black, black/olive, brown, black/brown are still good colors as well as the usual sculpin and sculpin combos (ginger, peach, burnt orange).

We’re still throwing small jigs when the water isn’t running and doing the best.  The 1/16th ounce jig is my favorite and Duane’s been throwing a 1/32nd ounce and catching fish.  You have to be REAL patient to throw such a small jig because it just doesn’t fall very fast.  Plus when you’re retrieving it, your “jigs”, or when you lift the rod, can’t be very extreme because you’d jerk the jig out of the water.

Fly fishing continues to be good with midges and scuds best for catching mostly rainbows.  I’d still stay with 6x tippet when using nymphs but go to 5 or 4x tippet if you’re throwing small streamers like a wooly or pine squirrel.  If you find yourself in a midge hatch and trout are taking midges off the surface, throw a soft hackle or a crackleback and strip fast.