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Fishing Tip / Report from The King Fisher Fly Shop

Spirit River products now available through The Kingfisher! Hareline Dubbin, LLC. has recently bought the company Spirit River. This is a very good thing for the fly tying community! Hareline keeps a deep stock of their products and are very reliable for deliveries. This is a huge expansion for Hareline and The Kingfisher.

We plan on stocking some of the Spirit River items, but will order any Spirit River (or Hareline) items to the shop free of shipping charges. Take a look at some of the new products:

UV2 Bright Blend Dubbing

Spirit River Lite-Brite

UV2 Select Bucktail

“The Snip”

UV2 Seal-X Enhancer Dubbing

Top Flight Dry Fly Dubbing

Pastel Flat Wing Saddles

Kiley’s Exo Skin

Fish Skull Faux Buctail

Veevus Mini Flat Braid

UV2 Fusion Blood Drop Egg Beads

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Fishing Tip / Report from The King Fisher Fly Shop