Fly Fish Rockport | Rockport Fishing Report – June 22nd, 2017 #FlyFishing #FishingReport #Fishing

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Fishing Report from Fly Fish Rockport.

Finally we are back with an updated Rockport fishing report for mid June. We must apologize for slacking the past week or so. We’ve been on the water every day, but just got “caught up” with a few other things and got behind. But… we are back.

The fishing has been very good lately. We are getting on the water fairly early these days and seeing fish right out of the gate. Schools of tailing fish can be found most mornings. Many of these schools are 20 or so fish. Plenty to make for a good target or two.

Mornings have been best. With the heat of Summer starting to set in on us, things are warming up by mid day and into the afternoon. The fishing has still remained pretty good as the day goes on. But you will be searching for solo cruising fish much more than schools. But they are there and still in pretty good numbers.

We are starting to find some of our fish much more picky with not only the fly selection, but also presentation. Don’t be surprised if you see a few fish follow the fly a bit more. Some will follow and never eat, while others will follow a bit then lunge forward for the fly.

With the fish being a little more finicky, we have been mixing up the fly selections a bit more. Crab patterns have been working still, but have also been refused here and there. A smaller reducer or shrimp type fly have worked as well. Try more realistic colors as well, if you find the fish picky. Tan or sand colored flies work well. Also, we will usually fish a bit smaller patterns as well. Or, maybe even drop down a size on your tippet? It may help, depending on if you are fishing around grass or not.

We are right in the middle of the dreaded fishing tournament time of year. So check for those, before heading out. Most are held on Fridays and the weekend. But you don’t want to be anywhere near the weigh in marina. Also, some of the on the water etiquette can be a bit… “interesting”. Luckily, very few of these folks spend their day in the shallow water we operate in. But it’s still something to keep an eye on.

All in all, your Rockport fishing report is pretty darn good for this late in the Summer. We have a bunch of boats out over the weekend from Matagorda to Port A and Rockport. So we will try to get an updated report again after the weekend.

We will continue to post stuff on  Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and even Snapchat. We try to post something most every day, to keep you entertained while you are sitting in your office, wishing you were on the Texas flats. Or of course you can email any time for additional info or ask about what we did and where we did it that day. We will tell you where we fished and what we saw, as best we can.

Fishing Report from Fly Fish Rockport.