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Fishing Report from Fly Fish Rockport.

After a weekend of decent weather, FINALLY… Here is your Rockport fishing report for the week. We are in fact seeing signs of improvement here on the Gulf Coast. The weather is making the move toward “normal”, and we have actually been able to get out on the water again to update this Rockport fishing report.

Last week hampered us again with crazy cold temps, clouds and plenty of North wind. So much so, that we weren’t even able to get out on the water Monday through Friday. That makes for a pretty long week. So we continued to watch the water levels and temps fall all week.

Our water remains very low throughout the bay systems. And it doesn’t look like that will be changing for a little while yet. Also, the water is a bit cooler than we would like around here. But this week should help that out quite a bit. We have a good bit of sunshine this week, with temperatures back in the 60 degree range. As the sun continues to hit these bays, our water will come back around a bit and certainly help the fishing around here.

We were able to get out this past weekend and take advantage of the improved weather. Fishing over the weekend was a bit better than the week prior. That being said, it still wasn’t great. We saw fish moving around the flats throughout the day, but still nowhere near the numbers you would like. Feeding them was not really a problem though. Most were plenty willing to pick up a well placed fly. A couple even made very aggressive moves to eat. Something we haven’t been seeing a lot of lately. But it appears that the fish were appreciative of the warming water.

As for flies… We began our day fishing a crab pattern, hoping to be able to work it slowly for those lethargic fish. As the day went on, we dabbled with a few other flies as well. Mullet and shrimp patterns also worked just fine. We attempted to get a few fish to eat a topwater fly, but they didn’t think much of our offering. Not overly surprising, as it was still a little chilly out there. But we at least had a couple turn and take a few looks. That made it worth the effort.

As we move forward this week, we are looking at some pretty decent weather. Mostly sunny with some fairly low North winds will certainly be nice. The coming weekend also looks to be very nice down here on the coast. So we are looking forward to getting out on the water with a bit more regularity around here. We expect the water to continue to warm up, and with it, the fishing as well.

We will get another Rockport fishing report out sometime around the end of the week. Hopefully things will continue to pick up and we will have a glowing report to share.

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Fishing Report from Fly Fish Rockport.