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Fishing Report from Fly Fish Rockport.

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Merry Christmas to all, and welcome to our holiday Rockport fishing report. It’s been a little bit too long since our last report. So we are going to try to get everyone caught up on what we have been seeing on the water here as of late.

The biggest story for your Rockport fishing report as of late, has to be the weather. We’ve had a pretty crazy December here on the Texas Coast. We are more than 10 inches above our average rainfall for the month of December already. Add in on top of that a little snow as well. Totally crazy around here. And definitely a little more “Winter” than we would prefer down here.

The good news… It has actually continued to fish pretty well. It has been a bit tricky though, with storms coming and going constantly. Some of the nicer looking days didn’t fish like you would hope. Other days, with more clouds and wind, would provide endless schools of tailing fish to throw at. So it has certainly been a mixed bag out there. But never too terrible, or too great either.

The fish are reacting fairly normal to the weather. Coming out of a storm has provided the best fishing by far. As the front moves out, the fish have been very willing to eat and moving around the flats in good numbers. Even better, the topwater bite has been very good on many of those days as well. Crashing fish have been pretty common place as the warmth of the day sets in. So the Tube Top or Dumpster Diver have taken quite a few fish lately.

As for other flies… it has been pretty standard. We still start with a crab pattern most days. But lots of other stuff has been working well also. Shrimp, baitfish and sand eel patterns have all been taking fish regularly. So take your pick and fish confidently.

We have been seeing a lot of tails in the waters North of Rockport. Schools range from 5 to 20 fish typically. Some are scavenging in the shallow grass, others are bull rushing bait along the banks. Some days this has been our saving grace, as the light has been pretty low at times. But they have shown up on a couple of brighter days too. But they have been fairly predictable each day. The waters South of Rockport have been fishing ok, but not nearly as well for us. Tails are pretty scarce and the fish are a little harder to find on the colder days. But they are there, hanging out nearer to deep water.

The weather looks doable for the coming week. More clouds than we would prefer, if you believe the report as it reads this morning. Hopefully we will catch a break and things will change for the better. Lot’s of folks are looking to get out on the water in these last days of 2017. So we will report back with one last fishing report of the year here at the end of the week.

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Fishing Report from Fly Fish Rockport.