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Summer bass fishing is one of my favourite hobbies. I enjoy nothing more than jumping in my boat on a calm summer morning and heading out to my favourite bass spot. Summer can be one of the most rewarding times for bass fishing. Many anglers believe that big bass can only be caught in the spring and fall months, but I have caught some of my largest bass in early August on a warm mid-afternoon day. There are several tips and tricks that I have learn’t over the years that have helped me target summer bass successfully. Below I will provide some valuable tips and experiences that I have encountered.

Look for Rock Beds in Shallow Waters

Bass tend to hide and circle around rock beds in shallow waters. This is often the desirable terrain in which they prefer to spawn. Although they aren’t in spawn mode, they will still target these areas in early hours of the morning and just before dark in search of prey like crayfish, bugs, and minnows. Crankbaits will allow you to target these areas with relative easy and you can reduce your chance of snagging by picking a crankbait that hovers just above the rocks. Plastic baits seem to work well also but can often get caught up between rocks and snagged.

Docks, Swimming Platforms, and Piers

During warm, sunny mid-summer days your best chance at catching big bass is to target docks, swimming platforms like rafts, and piers. Bass are sun sensitive and prefer to stay out of weed beds as they can often be targets to larger predators like pike. Docks for instance, provide the perfect shelter. I often cruise close to shore and cast crankbaits, jerkbaits, and spinnerbaits. The key is not to get too close to the dock and ensure you do not interfere with the owner of the property. Try to cast 2-3 feet from the tip of the docks and reel slowly with excessive jerking motion. The bass will be there, but you will really have to work for it to get them to leave their shelter to attack your lure. It truly is remarkable when they do!

If you are on shore or coasting next to a pier the best thing to do is switch to a jig and double tail plastic worm. Jig this setup with rapid motion and make your way up and down the pier lines. You can even try sinking oats or bread to try and attract the bass to a specific part of the pier.


Do not be afraid to switch things up and try different colours. Mid-summer bass can be picky and trying different colours can often help you determine what the flavour of the day will be. Usually I tend to find that colours like yellow, green, red, and orange closer to when the sun starts to go down. I have fished areas for hours with no luck, I simply switched the colour of my lure and started landing monster bass. If your luck is slow, experiment and try new things!

Fishing Tip / Info from Fishing Tips Guru