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Casting is one of the most important assets an angler can master, especially if you are an on shore angler. Casting accurately and further will allow you to expand your scope and fishing radius. How can an angler focus on casting further and what techniques must be used to accomplish this task? Below we will review techniques that will be sure to improve your casting.

Rod Length Makes a Difference

A larger rod will allow you to create a whipping force that can project your lure to a further distance. If you exhaust the factors and techniques below, a longer rod may allow you to gain that extra distance. A greater whip provides more power and thrust, but comes at the cost of using a longer rod which can hinder your fishing ability in other areas. Find a happy medium that suits rod length and casting whip.

Line Thickness can be a Factor

Line thickness can also help improve your casting distance. The thicker the line the more resistance and rubbing on the eyelets of the rod. If you can, try switching to a thinner line to achieve smoother and further casting. New line also makes a huge difference. To learn more about fishing line view our best fishing line reviews page.

Lure Weight

This is definitely one of the greatest factors to casting further. I have used heavier lures such as half ounce spoons or buzz bombs and could have probably cast halfway to the moon. Sometimes adding a little extra weight to your setup can help you achieve that further distance. My recommendation would be to add a split shot but keep in mind this will also impact the depth your lure sinks to.

Casting Motion

It’s all in the hips. Casting motion and technique can allow a seasoned angler to gain that extra distance with no change to equipment. Casting technique comes with experience and practice. It will also help that the angler becomes familiar and comfortable with the rod and learn its “sweet spot”.

Perfect Launch

To gain distance you must find the perfect launch zone. Do not cast too high or too low, aim for a midpoint to gain the furthest distance and make the most of your trajectory. This will take some practice and will often change as you change the lure, but with experience you can master the perfect launch every time.

Type of Reel

Depending on if you are using a baitcasting reel or spinning reel can also make a difference in the distance you can cast. Generally speaking, a spinning reel has the advantage to cast further than a baitcasting reel. If you are an onshore angler and haven’t tried a spinning reel it could improve the performance of your game.

Fishing Tip / Info from Fishing Tips Guru