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Spring salmon season is rolling along and as we head into summer, river regulations change on the upper Rogue. 

As of July 1st you are allowed to keep native salmon below Dodge Bridge (just a short distance downstream of Shady Cove). This means that any salmon you catch below this point you may keep. 

This change tends to spread out boats and anglers along a larger section of river. If a quiet float down the river is your goal, the upper river above Shady Cove is the place to fish, with plenty of salmon still to catch. If you really want a salmon to take home, moving a bit downstream will increase your chances.  


Summer steelhead are now becoming more plentiful in the upper river. As we move into July they should be in good numbers and fall salmon should arrive shortly thereafter.  

August and early September is one of our most favorite times to fish, combination trips for both salmon and steelhead on warm sunny southern Oregon days. Fall salmon are a bit larger than their spring cousins and tend to have a more predictable bite.

Summer and fall are also great times to fly fish the upper Rogue for steelhead and trout.

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