Fishing Clubs

Membership and non-membership based fishing clubs.

Irish Kayak Angling

At Irish Kayak Angling Club we’ve assembled a team of dedicated kayak anglers to bring you information and insights into this exciting and growing sport. Our diverse team is spearheaded by kayak anglers who live the sport and have a passion to enlighten and share their experience.

In our forum you will find articles on a variety of subjects that’ll bring you an in depth look at trips and kayak fishing destinations, kayak and gear reviews, buyers guide, new products,  kayak fishing tournaments and events, launch locations and more great information for the kayak angler.

We value participation and encourage it and we are always glad to hear from you. We want your ideas, insights, questions and articles. A club is only as good as the work of it’s members.

Many of us have participated in other forums and know the value we gained from there, we have made great friends and enjoyed days and nights at sea and around campfires. Join us and discover a whole new way of fishing.

You can arrange fishing meets here, fishing together is fishing safely.
You can fish anywhere with a Kayak for any fish. You can fly fish lakes and rivers for trout and salmon. Fish estuaries for seatrout and bass. Fish bays and open ocean for any sea fish. You will catch more fish than ever before and find a great sense of freedom.

Sicily Sea and Fishing

SICILY Sea & Fishing is a portal on sport fishing that it proposes as a container of news, techniques and tales concerning fisheries and the sea.

Sicily Sea & Fishing is a web platform designed by Enzo Amato, Sebastiano Advertising, Antonio Lantone and Fabio Thorny that set itself the goal of becoming the reference of all sports fishermen Sicilians. Sicily Sea & Fishing candid as the main instrument in which describe the experiences in fishing, where to find the information useful for practicing a technique or know what strategy used to capture a certain type of fish.

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