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Fishing Report by Bud N' Mary's Fishing Marina.  

Well November is rolling by and it’s still been fairly warm for the most part though we did just have a slight cool down, and look to have another dip into the high 60s perhaps on Sunday evening.  Though overall still fairly warm!  Fishing has been decent really with some good action some times and tougher fishing at others.  We’ve still been dealing with pockets of nasty water, likely from much of the rotting vegetation from IRMA, but much of it seems to be making its way out offshore and into the gulf so hopefully that’ll be getting to be less and less.  Earlier this week for instance we had stellar fishing in the backcountry with a lot of snook, got a nice redfish, and a handful of nice trout, all in about 3 hours of fishing in 3 different spots.  That was with Gus and Rick.  All those areas looked about as pretty as I’d seen it since the storm as far as the condition of the water went.  Then a few days later I took a friend Peter for just a fun trip to do a little exploring…. after the wind swung north/northwest and blew a bit, all those areas turned more of a darker chocolate color with a silty look to it, and the fish were gone completely – we struggled to catch one snook in about 3 hours and fished half a dozen spots.  The previous weekend I had Andy and his stepson Trey, they each caught snook, Andy got a nice tarpon, and the following day plenty of action with snappers, jacks, ladyfish, and mackerel.  Anyways on days like this it helps to have a full day booked as it will give you time to run to completely different areas where there may be cleaner water, and the fish can be stacked up there.  Capt. Jim Willcox the last few days has found some redfish.  Yesterday he said it was very good and they found a load of them, after struggling to find much in the creeks where he normally likes to fish, so having the full day/extra time paid off big!  Today wasn’t quite as good but they did find a few reds and got a few black drums as well.  Capt. Mike Bassett over the weekend had found some quality snook in the everglades, not catching tons but he did say most were nice size fish.  Capt. Chris Daly said the same thing yesterday, at the end of his day the tide quit ripping and water cleaned up a bit, and in the last hour they caught several nice snook after paying their dues the rest of the day with just a handful of fish.  Capt. Bill Bassett had a few snook and redfish the other day sight fishing around flamingo, they didn’t see a ton but were able to get a few on bait.  They were trying to throw the fly but not much luck with that.  He also found a big ball of large jack crevelle on the patches a few days earlier and landed a nice 25 lber on light tackle after a 40 minute fight!  Capt. Mike Venezia had a nice snook yesterday fishing with local Betsy Bullard.  Capt. Skip Nielsen had a good handful of snook the other day as well as a tarpon at the bridges and a few jack crevelles.  It’s been a little rough to get on the patches this week on most days though if it lays down that should become a good option again.  Not much on the spanish mackerels yet in the gulf though hopefully they show up soon, when we get a little more cold weather it should be on.  As you can see there is good fishing to be had but some days you need to have patience and keep working at it.  If the water isn’t pretty or the tides not right, it may be slow, but your captains will know the best places to be and when to be there.  Week days are fairly slow right now too so that also helps as you can usually get where you want to go without worrying about someone else being there.  Give us a call if you’d like to get out on the water!  305-664-2461

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