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Fishing Tip / Report from Buckley Striper Guide

Most Striper Anglers will know how to vertical jig slab spoons.  Here is the number one Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Tip, locate fish!  Once you locate fish on your sonar simply drop the slab spoon to the depth of the fish and jig or lift your rod up about a foot.  Now is the part where 90% of anglers make a mistake!  Drop your rod back down a foot, but control the decent!  DO NOT let slack in your line on the drop!  80% of your strikes will occur on the drop!  I start by dropping my 1.5oz slab spoon to the bottom (20 feet).  My first move is simply lifting the slab enough to get it off the bottom.  Then I drop the slab back down to the bottom.  We have now covered the bottom striper fish we are marking.  Follow Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Tips for more information!

Cover The Water Collum with Slab Spoons

My next lift is about a foot, then control drop the slab to the bottom.  We have now covered from 20 feet to 19 feet.  You should always know how much line you take up on each turn of the reel.  We will do a video on this later in the year, but you can get a tape measure and see how many lines you take in per turn of the reel handle.  So your next drop is too the bottom, then two tuns of your reel handle.  Repeat this until you have covered the entire water collum you are marking fish.  You can adjust the speed of the lift and drop depending on the time of year.  Remember summer is fast and winter is slow!

How to Striper Fish a Slab Spoon Lure on Lake Texoma

Let Your Slab Spoon Do The Work

Look at the graph picture above.  That’s a good picture on Lake Texoma!  You are in 35 feet of water, marking fish from 15 feet to the bottom!  A perfect time to flutter your slab spoon to the bottom.  Cast the slab out 20 yards from the boat and do not engage your reel.  Let the Slab Spoon free spool to the bottom.  Hold your rod at the 11 o’clock position and reel 3 times, stop and click your free spool and let the slab spoon fall.  Put your thumb on the line to control the fall.  You could get a strike on the fall, so be ready to engage the reel!  Your next cast should be 4 reel turns, then repeat at five reel turns.  We call this YoYoing your slab spoon through the Striped Bass.  Once again we are covering the water collum and can adjust our reel speed to the time of year!

Water Ski Your Slab Spoon for Topwater Striper

This technique can be difficult!  If you run into schooling fish and don’t have a topwater plug tied on, stay calm and throw the slab spoon!  As soon as the slab hit the water reel as fast as you can with your rod held high above your head!  Once your lure gets to the surface ski it back to the boat.  If a Striper misses the slab spoon, stop and let it sink 2 feet and continue to reel!  The fall will look like an injured shad and usually induces a strike!  You can also burn the slab back 5-6 reel turns then stop.  Once you re-start the retrieve you can induce strikes!  The Striper Slab Spoon is a killer lure on Texoma and should be in every anglers tackle box!

Add a Dressed Treble Hook to Your Slab Spoon

If you like to catch more fish than your angling buddy, buy dressed treble hooks!  We like bucktail with a bit of flash or just straight flashaboo!  We advise against feather dressed hooks.  Striper and White Bass will tear up a feather hook after 3-4 fish.

For more information about Striper Fishing Lake Texoma follow; Lake Texoma Fishing Guide Steve Buckley!

Fishing Tip / Report from Buckley Striper Guide