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Fishing Tip / Report from Buckley Striper Guide

The million dollar question asked by every customer that has hired a guide on Lake Texoma! When is the Best Time for Striper Fishing in Texas?  As a Lake Texoma Fishing Guide for over 16 years, the answer is easy, now!  Lake Texoma is a Striper Factory!  The Lake was stocked in the 1960’s and has produced great Striper ever since!  Lake Texoma is stocked every year by Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation (ODWC) and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD)!  The resident Striper reproduce naturally due to the high salt content pushed into Lake Texoma from the Red River! A prolific threadfin and gizzard shad population create a perfect storm for the Striper and White Bass population to explode!  Follow Lake Texoma Striper Guide Steve Buckley for more information!

Neophyte or Skilled Striper Angler

We try to custom design our trips to the clients fishing ability. If you own your own boat and fish 200 days a year and want to learn the lake, we won’t tie up too five other boats and live bait fish! If a client does not like cold weather, we will not suggest a deadstick trip in January. If you and your crew have never been fishing before we are not going to suggest a September Topwater Trip where all anglers must cast a five-inch topwater plug twenty yards in the wind! Wow, that thought makes my skin crawl! The thought of 4 neophyte anglers in a boat casting lures with three treble hooks in the wind! A true Texoma Striper Guide September nightmare! There are times of the year live bait is KING and lure fishing gets difficult at best. We don’t want lure anglers on an August Trip!

Customer Fishing Style Preference

Let us know if you like to cast swimbaits to catch Striper. Swimbait fishing for Texoma Striper is fun and exciting when the fish rips the rod out of your hand! We start throwing swimbaits from March until October and catch some healthy Striper! The warmer the weather the quicker we reel our swimbaits. March is slow rolling swimbaits back to the boat, and June is reeling lures as fast as possible! Some anglers grew up vertically jigging slab spoons and prefer this method! No worries, the slab catches more Striped Bass on Texoma year in and year out!

Turn Technology Off and Enjoy Lake Texoma

Some clients simply don’t care if we catch fish or just drift live shad in the warm summer breeze. We love this kind of trip! Smartphones off, cooler full of cold drinks, bait tank full, let’s go enjoy Lake Texoma and life! We have lots of business people who want a day or three away from the office, no worries we have you covered. Drifting live bait in 20 feet of water with 4-5 poles in the rod holder is very relaxing…….Until they all get slammed by Texoma Striper! Now you are in for a battle and an exciting day on the lake! Lake Texoma Striper fishing can be dull and boring for an hour, but when we locate hungry fish, hang on! A limit of Striper on Texoma is 10 fish per client. We can limit out a 5 person trip in 45 minutes! Come find out today!

Customer Service Driven Since 2002

You can find 100 Lake Texoma Striper Guides in one Google Search. We have lots of quality guides on Texoma, but to find the best look for guides that use social media, use a fishing report blog, and write quality content that is not the same article spun over and over to rank on Google! Give us a shot at your next trip, you will enjoy the experience or your money back! The Lake Texoma Guaranteed Guide Service since 2002!  So when is the Best Time for Striper Fishing in Texas, May, and June!  Oh, hang on October is great!  Opppseeee, we love to topwater fish in September!  December we catch some big striper deadsticking!  OK you get the idea, now is the best time to Striper Fish Texoma!  Follow How to Catch Striper on Lake Texoma for more information!

Best Time for Striper Fishing in Texas

Striper Fish Texoma with Captain Steve Buckley! Every month is the best time for striper fishing in Texas!


Fishing Tip / Report from Buckley Striper Guide