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Fishing Report from The Angler's Mark.  

We launched today under some gloomy skies, but the crew were in good spirits and ready to get out on the water! I met Tim and Meagan Wieher and their two kids Winnie and Fitz down at the Sawpit Creek boat ramp this morning and we headed up the Nassau River to make our first stop at Twin Creeks on a  high and incoming tide. We were tossing live shrimp under floats and it wasn’t long before all were catching fish. Meagan and Winnie were fishing the bow while Tim and Fitz took up the stern and both
parties caught some hungry Seatrout for a good while.When the bite slowed, we moved on up the Nassau and just north of a dock system and began tossing our rigs to some sparse marsh grass. Again, we found fish! The young anglers were taking turns reeling in fish and netting fish. Then Winnie had a strong hookup and we could tell this was a bigger fish. She reeled the fish in all by herself and landed the biggest fish of the day, a nice 20″ Seatrout (All fish were released today). Then Tim put a keeper sized fish in
the boat. Then we had a couple of nice feisty Redfish caught.

There was a rain system approaching so we pulled up and ran down to the Goffinsville Park boat ramp and sought shelter under a picnic pavilion. After that we cruised Broward Island to see if there was any wildlife and we were treated with a sighting of a pair of Bald Eagles. Now that’s the way to wrap up a great day of fishing here at Amelia Island, Florida.