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Fishing Report from The Angler's Mark.  

We fished north today! I met Daniel Tillotson up at the Dee Dee Bartels Park early this morning and with the tide already high and still coming in, we decided to make our first stop on the outside of Tiger Island. It took a few minutes of casting live shrimp under a float but when the fish began to bite, boy did they!  We had a handful of Seatrout then a couple of small but feisty Redfish then after Daniel had a made a pin point cast to some flooded marsh grass, BOOM! Big fish on! You can always tell when a Slot Red
bites on light tackle – they don’t want to come to the boat! This one rolled  and wallowed up along the edge of the grass and after Daniel patiently worked ’em out he made a couple of deep dives under the boat. But Daniel kept the pressure on and soon landed a nice 25″ Slot Red.We caught a good handful of Trout and Reds then took a peek at some flooded grass flats to see if we could find some tailing Reds. None in sight. So we ran through Tiger Basin over to Bell River and set up along a grassy point and went back to the float rigs and shrimp. The Trout didn’t take long and soon we had put another handful of Trout in the boat.

We came back to the outside of Tiger when the tide started back out, fished another marsh line, and found  more Trout. After we crossed over and fished a point of grass where two creeks merged, Daniel got in some real action, catching Trout, feisty Reds, and then another Slot Redfish. Most of the Trout today were undersized but we did have a couple of keeper sized fish. It was a beautiful day – in addition to a beautiful sunrise, we saw many forms of bird life, river shrimpers, an osprey, and a Salt Marsh Mink cruising through the flooded marsh grass. What a great day to be out on the water here at Amelia Island, Florida!