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Fishing Report from The Angler's Mark.  

It’s Florida Georgia Weekend….a….Georgia Florida Weekend and the Georgia fans are in town and ready to fish! I met Bob Blalock, his son and daughter-in-law William and Dara and his brother-in-law Tommy up at the Dee Dee Bartels park this morning. There was a cool nip in the air and a westerly breeze that made things even a bit chillier but we had a plan and it worked!

We ran south and west and got in behind Blackrock and fished some dock pilings and it was like fishing on a pond! It wasn’t long

before William “knocked the skunk off” when he landed a feisty Redfish on a jig and minnow. The other anglers got in on the action – Tommy put a Red in the boat, Bob put a Red in the boat, and Dara snagged a fat Mangrove Snapper. They had a “double” a couple of times and caught a good handful of the small but feisty Redfish. 

When the bite slowed we worked down the docks, pitching the pilings but the fish were not hungry so we pulled up and ran north and around to the outside of Tiger, thinking that we’d be out of the

wind. Nope. It was blowing a tad bit more north westerly and made for some difficult fishing with our float rigs and minnows.

I didn’t think that the back side of Tiger would be any good with the wind but the tide was down so we inched around behind it and it wasn’t too bad. We went back to jigs and fished the pockets. Our first stop didn’t produce but the second sure did. It was like someone turned a light switch on! These anglers put a couple of feisty Reds in the boat, then BOOM! William hooked up with a bigger fish, FISH ON! He played it perfectly and after a patient battle, landed a nice 23″ Slot Redfish. Again, a good flurry of fish catching went on with Dara adding a Redfish catch to her total, then she followed that up with a Flounder.  Bob went to the same spot and brought in a small but keeper sized Flounder then he went back in and BOOM! Another big fish! We knew right off that it was a Flounder- Bob was up to the task and worked it to the boat – a nice 19″ flattie. Tommy added an “almost keeper Red”, then Bob tossed to small runout. BOOM! Big Redfish. 24″. Now that’s a nice fish! William and Dara wrapped things up with some Seatrout catches then we called it a day, another great one to be fishing here at Amelia Island, Florida.